Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is tedious and may result in large segments thus losing that personalized effect you are aiming for. At Analitigo we use cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to segment your customers effectively allowing you to offer a personalized service. Let the data show you the best way!

Promotion Optimisation

Why blow your marketing budget sending dozens of promotions to the wrong crowd? We analyse your customer data to ensure that promotions are sent out using the correct medium and at the right time! Together with our Customer Segmentation techniques, we are able to offer a unique service which feels tailor-made for each customer.

Churn Prevention

We love data here at Analitigo! Using our predictive analytics tools we can identify factors that lead to churn and allow you to step in at the right time with your marketing activities. This allows you to understand your customer better and hence improve customer lifetime value.

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