Data Analysis and Software Development

We love data here at Analitigo! Using the latest AI techniques and tools we can carry out data analysis for biomarker identification or simply to understand and visualise your data more clearly and concisely. Through our software development services we can also create software or dashboards that will allow you to carry out your own analysis in-house.

Technical Writing and Proofreading

If you require help with communicating your scientific findings in a clear and thorough manner, we are able to create high quality manuscripts in multiple formats using Latex or Microsoft Word. We also provide proofreading services for such manuscripts as well as MSc and PhD theses. We also understand that both technical writing and proofreading may be time sensitive and can deliver your request in a timely manner.

Literature Reviews

We collate and review the latest and most relevant research on any topic related to the application of AI in various healthcare problem domains, providing you with an in depth literature review of a high standard.

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