PR: Analitigo pairs up with GainChanger


Analitgo Ltd. is proud to announce its new partnership with Gain Changer Ltd. GainChanger is a company which provides out-of-the-box solutions for SEO, affiliation and marketing, which allow organisations to perform scalable marketing tasks in-house without the need to alter workforce numbers. GainChanger has recently joined Microsoft’s Startups Programme and this partnership aims at spearheading their AI offering to reach their goals within this programme.  

“This partnership will allow us to improve our services with machine learning technologies. Giving us the possibility to present relevant and actionable information as well as correlate how changes in search engines will impact our clients.” – Simon Bonello, Gain Changer Co Founder.

“Through our partnership with GainChanger we will be broadening our horizons and adapting our AI skillset to the ever-changing field of search engine optimisation.” – Dr. Michaela Spiteri, Founder.

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